Thursday, 15 September 2016

Memories - Kate Geelan (with Karol Neilsen and Les Southerton)

It's good to see individual aim4art members having solo exhibitions or collaborations, like this one between Kate, Karol and Les at Stockton Library. Kate's 'Memories' relate mainly to Staithes and are a series of adventurous mixed media studies presented with Kate's trademark flair. They are complimented by Karol's imaginative paintings and Les' elegant and very reasonable pots.

Changes At The Barn

From October, management of our venue at The Barn will be passed from Middlesbrough Council to Tees Valley Asset Management Trust. The plan is to turn our existing rooms into a nursery, and to create a brand new and higher grade community facility and cafe from the remaining building. We wish them success and look forward to seeing the results.

The new arrangements will mean a rise in rent and also subs. However, no increase will be needed until after the agm in November when options will be discussed.