Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Suggestions from Helen Gorrill

From some of the feedback I got at the collage session, a few people have expressed an interest in learning about the art market.  I could do a talk about contemporary British painting on the London auction market in the past 3 years, presenting interim PhD research.  I think this would be quite useful so that the group can see what paintings are currently selling, how much they are selling for, which artists are emerging/established, and to get an idea of the qualities/sizes/colours that fetch the best prices.  In terms of the practical workshop, we could then make a transcription of one of the paintings discussed.  I don't just mean a copy, but changing the painting from painting to 3d, or collage, or mixed media.  Or even copying the painting but using one's own style/method.  I could send a list of paintings down before hand so that the group could each choose and get an idea of what to bring along to the session.  The session might generate a good group discussion afterwards on styles/sales etc, and would definitely stretch the whole day.
All best wishes - was really good to work with you all again,