Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Venue Update

Given the current uncertainty about the future of our Nature's World venue, we decided at a meeting today that we would ask Julia to book the Hemlington Recreation Centre for the first few Tuesdays after Christmas. Everyone was agreed that the most important thing was to keep the group going. Look out for email updates!

NOT downhearted!

After The Slump

More results from our glass workshop. Here flat plates of glass have been moulded into a waveform.

Selection followed by Full Group, which, for some reason I can't get the right way round!

Friday, 7 December 2012

Nature's World

Uncertainty over our future at Nature's World led to an unexpected but efficient evacuation of most of our stuff last Tuesday. Well done, everybody!

However, we hope that this was all a false alarm and will be meeting as normal on Tuesday 11th Dec. Fingers crossed!

Glass Workshop 2

Here are some results from the second of our two glass workshops. We're now just waiting for the slump....